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We have developed YoPlayDo - football platform to manage players' data and statistics. Based on data history, YoPlayDo helps to evaluate players' progress and development level.

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  • All data is encrypted, protected and 100% confidential

    All data is encrypted, protected and 100% confidential

  • We have the Best Price on the martket

    We have the Best Price on the martket


  • Full feature set for youth football Using YoPlayDo greatly facilitates the work of coaches. The program provides access to the data at any time, any place where the Internet is accessible. In addition, you no longer have to settle with the paper clutter, YoPlaDo offers you transparent statistics and a comprehensive analysis of players development based on the information provided.

    Full feature set for youth football
  • Convenient adding of trainings and analysis YoPlayDo lets you quickly and easily create training sessions and complete them with the necessary information. Using our graphic editor and a complete library of exercises, you will be able to showcase how training should take place. Attendance sheets will help you keep track the presence of players, but notifications will help coaches not forget to complete the training sessions.

    Convenient adding of trainings and analysis
  • Detailed match analysis Our system will help you easily plan team’s tactics and players positions for the next matches. After the match, based on filed data, detailed statistics will be created - to help you understand which skills the team needs to improve. YoPlayDo allows you to carry out a complete match video analysis. You can download your match - mark the most important moments or do the video report of each player.

    Detailed match analysis
  • Monitoring of players' physical and professional development Monitoring of player's physical development and health is extremely important, so YoPlayDo offers tools that will allow you to evaluate these data in a way that is convenient for you. In addition, our system also offers tools for evaluating players' professional abilities and detailed statistics about their success in matches.

    Monitoring of players' physical and professional development
  • Reliable system for storing and accounting documents Keep all the necessary documents in one place - YoPlayDo allows you to upload copies of documents, but the internal message system will remind you of the deadlines. In addition, YoPlayDo helps keep track of equipment and fees and simplifies communication between players' parents and coaches.

    Reliable system for storing and accounting documents
  • Parents' access to their child's profile Parents can use YoPlayDo - they have access to detailed information about the child's physical, psychological development and professional achievements. For better communication with coaches the chat can be used, but an attendance sheet will allow parents to keep track of trainings and matches.

    Parents' access to their child's profile
  • Simple and functional calendar Making the correct schedule of events is now easier than ever! Keep up with your team's trainings and matches, enter information on holidays and even get employees’ birthday announcements.

    Simple and functional calendar
  • We are here to help you! YoPlayDo users are provided with a detailed program guide, which demonstrates how our platform works step-by-step. In case of any question, you are free to contact our customer service for help. Each and every one customer is important to YoPlayDo, together we can do more!

    Мы всегда готовы помочь

We have solution for everyone

  • Coach

    Team creation. Work planning. Players management. Match, training and test results analysis.

  • Academy

    Coach work coordination. Teams progress tracking. Electronic document and statistics archive. Report, event, document expiration date, medical check reminders and notifications.

  • Federation

    Management and control of downstream organizations (clubs / academies / sports schools). Common reporting standard. Qualitative and objective player selection process to National team.

  • Individual platform customization
    Individual platform customization

    Flexibility of platform allows us to adapt it individually for specific customer needs. Platform is available as a web application and can be installed locally on customer’ servers. For more details, please email us on

  • Player

    Evaluation of your development and prospects

  • Parent

    Help for the child in his professional development

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  • I've been using YoPlayDo for more than a year, to fill out the training notes and reports by hand is all past now. YoPlayDo not only saves time, but is a real helper in coaching. I find myself thinking that YoPlayDo not only makes my job easier, it is also very interesting! The program is developing and upgrading all the time, also with the help of us, coaches, if there are any particular wishes, they are fulfilled!
    Vladimir Zavoronkov, BFC Daugavpils
  • A great platform and helper for both the club administrator and any level coach. While having started to use YoPlayDo, we have organized all the documentation, it has become much easier for coaches to report and keep track of their work with the team. Without doubts, YoPlayDo is a great helper for the club.
    Oleksiy Smahin, DJFC Nika
  • The Latvian Football federation have introduced YoPlayDo program in 2017. Since that moment, we have already noted the convenience of data input and their further processing. We are getting positive feedbacks from academies, which have approved the quality and the high functionality of the system. Using YoPlayDo, we have got an opportunity to evaluate the activity of academies and run national team selection process more effectively. We are interested in increasing the football level in Latvia and plan to continue system’s introduction. Data order and transparency , in our opinion, today is a mandatory condition.
    Latvian Football federation
  • YoPlayDo has fully centralized our club data in one single tool what we find very convenient! Before we found YoPlayDo, we have used several tools to manage data what was extremely inefficient, frustrating and disorganized, now everything is in one place: training sessions, video analysis, development charts, attendance sheet and all the rest. Thanks to YoPlayDo, it has made our work more efficient and easier.
    Oleg Trofimov, FC Avangard

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