About us

We are football fans and enthusiasts. Our professional activities are related to the development of software. Having carefully studied the currently offered products in the market of sports electronic assistants, we noticed an acute shortage of such programs in the children's and youth sectors.

What we do

We developed the YoPlayDo program. Our product is a high-grade, quality assistant coach, helping to develop young players.

Our goals

We believe that keeping detailed statistics available to the coaching staff, the young player and his parents, forms a solid foundation for big football. A full evaluation of the child's possibilities gives rise to healthy competition. All this helps to popularize the game as a whole, and therefore to attract more children, because adult football is impossible without a child.

We do not stand still and constantly improve our product, relying on the experience of professionals from sports. Therefore, your participation in YoPlayDo and the wishes for improving the service will help make our product even better. What is done for children should be of the highest quality!

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